I must use up my Stash!

At this time of year I always end up surveying my knitting room with a mixture of emotions, mainly despair and trepidation as I see the endless bags of half used balls of yarn and abandoned projects. Like everyone of us crafters I make a promise to myself to use up , well at least make a substantial dent in , the stash that I already have before buying more.

For me it means taking a side step from my usual makes .When making my hats to sell in my shop I tend to design around a specific yarn and then make the same hat in the various colours of that yarn always starting a fresh ball ,so I end up with quite a lot of half balls of yarn, too little to make another hat out of so its relegated to the odds and ends bag.

Where do  I even begin trying to sort through whats in these bags ! That in itself will take days never mind actually getting the projects started! But then I start to think about all the possibilities of those projects and the trepidation turns excitement and that spurs me on to open that first bag and see whats inside, then the next and gradually start sorting into piles, by weight mainly so I can plan a blanket or a shawl, or a hat or smaller items like hand-warmers or little flower brooches, then those possibilities become endless!

I currently have a corner to corner blanket underway , the corner to corner and granny square blankets are great for using up odds and ends, although I do prefer to use only the same weight yarn throughout. When I don’t have enough yarn of the same weight to make a blanket I usually make smaller items like finger-less mitts.

What do you like to make with your odds and ends? I have included a free pattern here for my basic finger-less mitts for you to try if you fancy it, I hope you like them!

Stay Cosy!



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