If at first you don’t succeed…

A few years ago I was laid up with a bad back. I couldn’t knit or crochet which for me was an absolute nightmare and I was bored out of my tree. So I started a blog. With the best of intentions…I did maybe 3 entries and then as my back improved I returned to normal life of running a household ,and raising 2 crazy boys and a dog and my time was depleted by all of these things and life in general! The blog was forgotten and bigger things took over , like moving house  and starting a new business with my husband Dave and of course lots of knitting and crocheting…

Where would I be without it? It keeps me sane, I long for those times when I can sit uninterrupted and start a new design for a hat or blanket. I now sell my designs in our shop and even though it has become more of a business I still love it, even with the pressures of having to make ‘stock’ for a shop , I can’t imagine not having it in my life! Things are still very busy for us but I feel more focused on the shop and my knitting and crocheting as more than just a hobby now , hence the heading…

If at first you don’t succeed , try and try again, so I am going to try again with my blog. I have plenty to talk about in fairness! It will mainly be about my love of designing knitted and crocheted accessories. I hope to share some projects and finally get around to writing some proper patterns for my designs (ones that are fit for public consumption and not just scrawls of random digits and sketches!) . I’m sure other topics  will creep in there too, so Welcome and I hope you enjoy it :0)


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